What is SharePoint

SharePoint is a software platform developed by Microsoft for developing websites, portals, content management systems, search engines, blogs and other tools for business intelligence.

It is basically an enterprise level portal which gives the capability to improve collaboration, provide a central storage place for users to access common documents, provide capability to search entire enterprise portal and create workflows, applications and internet/intranet websites.

Our SharePoint Services

Viftech Solutions has expertise in Microsoft SharePoint development and we can help our clients to enhance their level of efficiency through customized Microsoft SharePoint application development solutions.

Viftech Solutions provides following Microsoft SharePoint features:

  • Corporate and Intranet Websites

We will enable our clients to create websites for their staff, partners and customers to provide them key information using SharePoint.

  • Business Intelligence

SharePoint collects mass data that can be used to identify, extract and analyze key trends and patterns for better decision making and overall growth of the company. Our clients can generate reports using SSRS and SSAS to self analyze data using Excel/PowerPivot.

  • SharePoint Application

Our clients can create SharePoint applications with updated technology and user experience. Also, get a framework to integrate other applications and optimize business information flow with forms and workflows.

  • SharePoint Migration

Our SharePoint team will migrate your data from older versions of SharePoint to the latest one or from another platform to SharePoint.

  • Turnkey SharePoint Portals

Same as websites and applications, our clients can make portals on the fly with common required features.

Our Engagement Models for SharePoint Enterprise

When it comes to engagement models, Viftech Solutions tries to accommodate its customers in every which way possible. We have devised number of engagement models to facilitate our clients in the most efficient manner. Select any of the following that suits you better.

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